Take ESOL Test

The languageCert International ESOL Placement Test can help you in determining faster which examination level you may want to prepare for.
The test is short and has 25 multiple choice questions created to evaluate your grammar and vocabulary. If you don’t know how to answer continue with the other question and don’t try to find it out by guessing
The test provides a recommendation/suggestion and not a definite indication of your English language ability or level.
To understand the average of particular classes required to reach a particular level, please go to this page” Guided Learning Hours” per CEFR level.
Please contact Sapientify for more information on English courses that you might need.

Sapientify is dedicated to prepare students who want to take the Spoken and/or written ESOL exam succeed! We have an accredited ESOL speaking Interlocutor on board that can help you prepare in a minimum amount of time. If you need more information or preparation hours, please contact us via email, social media or our phone number!