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Language course, 100% online

Live English language classes are held on the Sapientify platform, German and Italian, ABOUT 3 levels (A1, A2 – initial, B1, B2 – average, C1 – advanced). 

Teaching is done with Albanian graduate teachers in interactive and varied formats such as electronic books, audio, video, flashcards, direct communication with the teacher and practical continuous language.

For Individuals

Sapientify offers you a new opportunity like never before: take the language course from the comfort of your own home and learn the language you need quickly and easily. offer 3 learning alternatives.

Live lesson (Group / Individual)

You can follow live group lessons with 4-5 students three times a week or you can only do individual tutoring with the teacher at times set by you.

Video Lessons

You can purchase video tutorial packages and access instructional videos whenever and however you want. Visit the video course page

Assessments by students

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Nevi Bicaku
Nevi Bikaku
Teacher "Artiola" is wonderful I recommend to anyone who will learn a foreign language is wonderful 💥💥💥💥💥
Esmeralda Kalemi
Esmeralda Pen
Teacher Sabe is wonderful at explaining the lesson so well devoting time to understanding our shortcomings and explaining to us... so beautiful more so courtesy ..! learning German with him is a pleasure to know ❤ Respect for you and all the staff Sapientify!!!read more
BriKena Abazaj
BriKena Abazaj
It's a good website to learn German
Blerta Guxha
Blerta Guxha
Katina is wonderful oj I recommend it to anyone who is going to learn German! Lesson from home, according to your schedules... yours and in a very simple way. Very good idea, pergezime👏read more
Xhesika Leka
Xhesika Leka
I finished level A2 with Sapientify and closed this journey with the best thoughts regarding... teaching provided by the teacher. Always be very precise and clear in everything. Teacher Tea who has been my teacher has motivated me in every session and I am very satisfied with everything. I advise all those who have very little time and who want to be formed more. Sapientify is a very good solution 👍read more
Ilirjan Gracaj
Ilirjan Gracaj
First of all, I would like to greet the staff of Sapientify. The first moment I had with them was very polite and polite. .... It made me decide to start learning the German language that I really wanted to learn. But from this wonderful staff I wanted to single out , My teacher Mikaela Avdia liked her German . Her explanation in German is perfect and very kind to us students and the great help. to me she is a wonderful Teacher and the German I have reached so far is to her credit . Flm Z Mikalela more
Daniel Mehmeti
Daniel Mehmeti
Innovative platform that makes life easier and helps you develop yourself in foreign languages. I follow the language course... German of 4 MONTHS, despite the fact that I do not have the will to study this platform has given me the opportunity to progress very quickly. Zysh Mikaela teaches us with patience and passion never seen before by me, in addition to the first grade teacher. :pJua did I suggest some people and I will continue to do more
Alban Leonora
Alban Leonora
Your! For all those who want to follow the Sapintify course a very suitable course for everyone.... Enough one hour a day wherever we are we can do online course with highly skilled and motivating teachers in teaching also at affordable prices!🙂read more
Lorena Dizdari
Lorena Dizdari
I would suggest sapientifity! if you want to be successful in learning a foreign language,from home or anywhere... located.thank you for this opportunity,for the correctness you show,and for zysh Anen not only for teaching,but also for the motivation it gives us each time!❤🙏😍read more
Pranvera Rrapushi
Spring Rrapushi
Your! I would recommend to all those who want to practice English with the contemporary method that Sapientify... OFFERS! A very good opportunity for all of us who have limited time and through the online course, we can work anywhere, regardless of location! A maximum rating for zysh Anna, which has made this course so enjoyable for us, is really motivating and capable at the same time! Sure with this teacher, will develop the next level 😁 Ah an opportunity also for new friends, we became an interesting team and very nice to each other! 🙌🏻read more
Elda Vini
Elda Vini
Sapientify the innovation platform of teaching in Albania,where in addition to the convenience of learning benefit differs and... Maximum commitment of the management staff to invest in the training and continuous updating of the staff with the most modern methods. Personally I have lived it as a special and very fruitful experience. I would highly recommend more
Andion Menaj
Andion Menaj
Hello I suggest you follow this course very perfect staff and a good opportunity for anyone who is going to learn a knee... you can learn foreign wherever you are without having to go to a school even from your phone thankoyread more
Majlinda Collaku
Majlinda Collaku
Zysh Mikaela Avdia I like your teaching very much , your german is perfect , students completing the course... with you they are of course prepared because during the session you do the text and the lesson and we listen to the audio in the session but we also say the homework and the students correct the mistakes during the session , you are just perfect danke ❤😊read more
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For Businesses

Invest in your staff by equipping them with the language they need to take your business or organization to the dream level. Sapientify creates study programs according to the needs of your business, by measuring employee performance in real time.

Live Lesson or Video Lectures

Your staff can take the online language course in small groups or by following explanatory video packages for different lessons and topics. Sapientify also offers video lexicon creation or specific online teaching program for your staff or employees.

Teaching in business offices

To be as close to you as possible, Sapientify offers instruction in your business offices by our teachers. The lesson can also be offered in "blended" format, in the office and through our online platform.

Our teachers

Sapientify offers effective teaching from our Albanian teachers, high-grade graduates and trained in online teaching.

Our teachers manage to establish positive and lasting relationships with students, understanding and assisting them at every stage of the lesson; provide teaching using the latest technology methods in the field of education and manage to develop successful teaching, 100% online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answer to your questions

LanguageCert International ESOL is a set of English Language qualifications mapped to the CEFR, that have been designed and abide by the most rigorous quality and reliability standards.

These exams are intended for non-native English speakers worldwide who need to provide documented evidence of their English language level for study, employment or leisure purposes. Written (Listening, Reading, Writing) and Spoken (Speaking) exams can be taken independently of each other.

You can either book an online exam through an accredited test center and choose the day and time when you want to have the exam, or have the paper/computer- based version by going to the test center at the time and date scheduled by them. You can find more helpful information and guidance here

The PeopleCert ESOL varies from one country to the other, also from one level to the other. Please contact your nearest Test Center for information on test fees.

LanguageCert International ESOL is a well-structured exam. If you feel confident on the level you need to take the exam, then it will be easier for you. On the other hand, if you find it difficult after a quick glance, you might need some extra preparation or instructions. We are more than happy to assist you with the process being it for the writing-reading-listening section, or the speaking part. Feel free to contact us via email or social media!

You can receive a grade of High Pass, Pass or Fail.
a. Pass Mark for the Written exam: at least 50% overall in all sections. No thresholds or limitations per section.
b. Pass Mark for the Spoken exam: 50%. A High pass is awarded to candidates with and overall score of 66% or more.

Exam duration varies depending on the level and also the way you choose to take it, being it online or at your nearest Test Center.

You are not required to complete any course in order to take the LanguageCert International ESOL exams. If you feel confident about your English language level, you can sit for the exams straight away. It is, however, recommended that you undertake a short course that explains the different exam tasks. All our LanguageCert Approved Test Centres offer courses which prepare candidates for our exams. We are more than happy to assist you with the process being it for the writing-reading-listening section, or the speaking part. Feel free to contact us via email or social media!

LanguageCert International ESOL qualifications assess English language proficiency, not whether you are familiar with a specific exam format. Any English course book can be used.

LanguageCert ESOL exams are widely recognised. To find out which countries recognise LanguageCert International ESOL qualifications click here

All levels of the LanguageCert International ESOL exams are mapped to the levels of the CEFR. The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is a guideline used to assess and describe foreign language proficiency across Europe and, increasingly, worldwide. The six CEFR levels are widely accepted as the European and global standard for evaluating an individual’s language proficiency.

If you take the online exam your e-certificate will be uploaded in your LanguageCert profile within 3 business days. If you chose to sit for your exam the results are released 10 business days after you sit your exam, in your LanguageCert profile. The hard-copy certificate will be sent a week after the release of the results.

There is no expiration date for the certificate, differently from many other international exams. That means that is enough to pass both written and spoken exams and you will be certified for life in the English language.

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